Electronics / Industrial Materials

  • Stainless Plate, Copper Foil
    Stainless Press Plate for CCL , PWB
  • PCB Dust Cleaner
    Dust Cleaner for PWB
  • Bimetal
    Composite Metal Material curves by temperature change
  • Glass Plate, Glass Tubing
    for Ampule, Vial, Radiation Shielding
  • Circuit Board Materials
    CCL (copper clad laminate)
  • Mica Products
    Mica Insulation Materials for electric heating devices, fire-proof cables
  • Electric Wire and Cable
    Lead Wire, Heater Wire, Resistance Wire
  • Capacitors, Super Capacitors and Lithium Ion Battery Materials
    Battery Separators to set two electrodes apart

Electrical Devices

  • Explosion Proof Type LED Lighting Fitting
    Lighting Fitting for using in hazardous areas with explosive atmospheres
  • Circuit Breaker
    Circuit Breaker, Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker and Air Circuit Breaker
  • Indicator
    Analogue and Degital type of Electrical Meter, Transducer
  • Terminal
    Crimp Terminal and Connector

Machinery and Industrial Equipment

  • Drawing Machine
    Various type of Wire Drawing Machine and Rolling Line
  • Busduct
    Duct Containing Busbars for conducting a current of electricity
  • Medical Diagnostic Device
    Ultrasonic Diagnostic Scanner (for human/animal)
  • Extruding Die
    Dies for extruder on cable insulation / jacketing or tube forming processes
  • Machinery and Tools for Transmission Line
    Compression Head and Hydraulic Pump, Hydraulic Puller, Hydraulic Tensioner
  • High Vacuum Oil Purifiers
    Mechanical Equipment used for transformer maintenance

Kitchen Equipment

  • Kitchen Equipment
    Gas Stoves, Range Hoods, Freestanding Oven Ranges, Built In Hobs

Construction Materials

  • Glass Panel
    for interior/exterior decoration
  • Flooring Materials
    Free Access Floor Systems and Carpet Tiles
  • PPVC Sheets
    Interior Flooring Sheets, Outdoor Flooring Sheets
  • Acoustic Panels
    Interior Sound Absorbing Material, Sound Absorbing Wall Covering
  • Butyl Rubber Adhesive Tapes
    Butyle Rubber Adhesive for waterproofing etc

Chemical Materials

  • Fragrance & Flavor
    Flavor, Fragrance and Fermented Milk
  • Molding Compounds
    Thermosetting Resins, Thermoplastic Resins for laser welding, Potting Resins

Paper & Stationery

  • Paper
    Printing Paper, Packaging Paper, Industrial Paper
  • Notebook
    Memo Pad, Notebook, Planner

Environment & Clean Energy

  • LED Lighting Fitting
    LED Type of Lighting Fitting with high luminous efficiency
  • Solar Panel
    Solar Cell and Module


  • Sports Timing System
    Timing Equipment for swimming and athletics game, Score Board
  • Sports Related Products
    Golf Equipments etc


  • Transfer Film
    Transfer Film using for decoration in multicolor printing on molded articles such as containers
  • Lubricant Oil
    Lubricants and Rust Preventives for wire drawing process