Message from the president

Since it was founded, Denki Shoji has been making significant contributions to the development of Southeast Asia as our key markets through the supply of electric materials, industrial equipment and secondary materials, electric and electronic parts, and components.
As a result, we have been able to develop rewarding relationships with our clients in those countries while earning high acclaim for our efforts. As markets become increasingly global and diverse, we will continue to push forward with our employees to bring even greater delight to all of our business partners, making swift, reliable operations and a readiness to take on the latest advances in IoT and artificial intelligence our guiding principles.

Naoyuki Yamada

Company creed


Denki Shoji brings together the wisdom and expertise of every employee in pursuit of the products and services that will delight our customers. We are sincerity,progressiveness, and steadiness in our business dealings, always striving for ever-higher levels of reliability and trustworthiness.